Why Hybrid Cloud is the Preferred Cloud Solution

Managed IT Services

The U.S. Cloud market is growing substantially, as more companies are taking the plunge and migrating their existing infrastructure to the Cloud. Cloud computing as an industry grew from $46 billion to more than $150 billion from 2008-2014, with 82% of businesses adopting a multi-cloud strategy; 55% of which are a Hybrid Cloud.

Why is Hybrid Cloud the preferred solution for most businesses? The Cloud in general can offer several benefits over that of traditional Colocation – benefits like the cost efficiency of a pay-per-use model with no up-front hardware and equipment costs, as well as the speed and agility of a highly-automated scenario and the potential to scale as required. Benefits that make the Cloud a feasible IT solution for most businesses.

The Cloud may not be a perfect solution for all businesses. There are certain scenarios where a complete Public or Private Cloud may not be appropriate for a business and barriers or concerns may prevent an organization from moving all of its operations to the Cloud. Barriers such as integration with legacy systems, fear of perceived loss of control for IT personnel, or concerns over security and privacy.

In scenarios where there are barriers or concerns to moving to the Cloud, a Hybrid solution can be developed specifically for the business to complement a legacy system and provide an enhanced experience for the user. Hybrid Clouds provide the perfect blend of Cloud and traditional Colocation, integrating Cloud-based software with legacy Colocation systems, seamlessly. A Hybrid Cloud solution will mitigate most concerns associated with migrating to the Cloud as it provides improved resource utilization, increased speed of delivery of IT services and enhanced redundancy and security.

No two Hybrid Clouds are the same, just as no two Hybrid Cloud providers are the same. Creating a true Hybrid Cloud requires expertise in networking, storage and compute, security, virtualization, operating systems, application levels and software solutions.

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