Our all-in-one phone and Unified Communications system, gives you everything you need for phone, online, and fax communications – including an unlimited calling plan, HD video, web and audio conferencing, a toll free phone number and online fax services in one affordable and easy to use system. Advanced tools like virtual receptionists give your business the tools you need to project a polished, professional image.

Our hosted business phone solution allows you to perfect and optimize your business communications without the hassle of multiple vendors, service contracts, license fees, dedicated staff, and vulnerability to downtime. We powers your business with a hosted virtual business phone system using Voice over IP. Hosted means that you benefit from having minimal equipment on site- your system is actually housed in state of the art data centers. All our  data centers are constantly monitored, secure and updated regularly. Using the very best in hardware solutions from Cisco, Polycom, and Juniper, our  data centers are completely redundant and offer an enterprise class feature set without capital investment.

Built from the ground up specifically for small and medium-size businesses, Prime delivers  the communications capabilities big businesses are used to—with the elegant simplicity and ease of use small businesses consider a must have. We are proud to work as a premier partner with the best business VoIP providers in Chicago.

This best-of-both-worlds approach helps growing enterprises differentiate themselves from competitors through enhanced employee productivity, lower costs, and improved customer service. Whether or not your business is located in Chicago, whether your employees are located in Chicago, whether the numbers you want to ring in on are in Chicago, Prime has you covered! We cover business VoIP Chicago!
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Benefits of Trading in Your On-Site PBX for a Cloud Phone System

Top advantages of switching to the cloud for your business communications include getting rid of costly hardware, refocusing IT on revenue-generating tasks, and disaster avoidance features to keep your business running smoothly in a crisis. Simply put, you will not maximize your business potential with an on-site PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system as they are expensive, time-consuming and difficult to maintain.

The OfficeSuite® cloud-based phone system will give your business more capability, greater simplicity and lower costs than an on-site PBX phone system. Already, more than 180,000 businesspeople have switched to the cloud at an extremely affordable price.

Business Continuity and Disaster Avoidance

OfficeSuite has built-in business continuity features that enable companies to change their call routing when employees cannot make it to the office. If your business is inaccessible due to weather conditions or power outages, calls can be quickly and easily re-routed to other operational locations, to employees’ home phones and even mobile phones. It is also possible to set up Mobile Twinning so that all incoming calls ring your office phone and your mobile phone. Even faxes and voicemails can be received on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC, so you can stay connected from anywhere.

Lower Operating Costs

The system comes with a customer service website where you can make changes yourself without incurring extra fees from your vendor for Moves, Adds or Changes. Since you can make simple changes yourself, you need fewer in-house IT resources to manage the system. It is so easy to use, even an office manager can do it. And since the servers are not housed on your premises, you avoid the cost of storing, cooling and maintaining them.

No Capital Expense for Equipment

With OfficeSuite, you do not have to purchase any equipment. The phones are included in the low monthly cost. Since you do not own the phones, you can avoid the cost and hassle of managing inventory. If a phone breaks, we’ll replace it. OfficeSuite is cloud-based, so you do not need to purchase servers either. Literally everything is included in the monthly cost—the phones, unlimited calling, customer website and all the features.

Refocus IT Staff on Revenue-Generating Projects

You can refocus IT staff traditionally needed to maintain a hardware-based PBX system on other initiatives that help you grow revenue. Unlike complicated on-site PBX’s that required significant training and IT knowledge—which many times result in only a few people being able to manage it—anyone can manage OfficeSuite. We train you on how to use the system and you can easily train your employees.

One System for Multiple Locations

Using separate on-site PBX’s at multiple locations is not only expensive and time-consuming to maintain, but it is also difficult to integrate the systems. There is phone equipment to purchase for each site and extra cost involved with having an employee at each site to maintain the equipment. You must also maintain a private network just for your voice traffic.

In contrast, OfficeSuite gives you a single system that can be managed easily online and that connects multiple locations and remote employees, streamlining internal communications and offering a unified presence to customers.

Fast and Easy Implementation

Getting a new on-site PBX installed and operational is time-consuming and expensive. The cost of downtime while you are switching over and the time spent training IT and regular staff on how to use and manage the system adds up quickly. But with a cloud-based system, you can be up and running in days, not weeks, and with minimal training. It is also faster to make changes to the system, such as adding a new phone. With an on-site PBX, you must call a third-party vendor or try to find and buy a new phone online. If you have OfficeSuite, you just call us! The flexibility of the OfficeSuite’s customer service website also makes it fast and easy to set employee and location preferences.


OfficeSuite allows companies to easily add or decrease users, features and services as needed. Adding a new employee or location to the system is fast and easy. Since it is cloud-based, it is the perfect communication solution for growing companies or those with seasonal workers. Enabling additional features or services does not cost thousands or take weeks to implement.

Advanced Features that are Easy to Use

The number of features included with a cloud-based system compared to an on-site PBX is shocking. With OfficeSuite you’ll get access to lots of features like mobile twinning which syncs your desk phone and mobile phone to receive business calls on both. Advanced HD video, audio and web conferencing as well as online faxing are also included. Mobile and PC softphones enable you to turn any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC into your office phone. Unlike on-site PBX systems, cloud-based systems are easy to use and the features are very intuitive. See our full list of features here.

Never Becomes Obsolete

Much like buying a new car, the moment you buy a PBX system it becomes obsolete. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it is nearly impossible to stay current with a traditional on-site phone system. In contrast, cloud-based systems can easily add new functionality that is automatically offered to customers without them having to buy new equipment or pay for expensive upgrades.

Integrate with Salesforce and Outlook

Many businesses rely on Salesforce® and Microsoft Outlook® to operate smoothly. When you integrate these applications with your phone system, internal and external communications are dramatically streamlined. It is not necessary to switch between different systems to look up customer data while talking with them, making it faster and easier to service clients. But integrating these applications with an on-site PBX system is rarely possible. With OfficeSuite, it is easy to integrate your phone system with these applications that you use every day. Learn more about our CRM Connector for Salesforce!

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