CloudDesktop: The Ultimate Freedom from Your Desk

Cloud DesktopCloudDesktop: The Ultimate Freedom from Your Desk

In this day and age, it’s a rarity to walk down a busy city street without seeing at least a few people with their heads down concentrating on smartphones, tablets, zero clients, or any other mobile devices you can conjure. The world is knee deep in mobile technology, and the quantity and quality will only increase in the future, particularly within the business world.

The advent of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a Godsend to business executives and staff everywhere who need more freedom, flexibility, and security outside the confines of their personal computers. As a cloud alternative to a limiting desk job in which your work data is merely stored on a local hardrive and server, RapidScale offers CloudDesktop. With this innovative technology, your desktop information is quickly accessible on-the-go across all your devices and stored securely and conveniently in the cloud.

How It Works and Why You Need It

Cloud computing technology is on its way to taking over how companies utilize and manager their IT operations.  It simplifies how data is stored, secured, and accessed by centralizing it into one remote location that cloud providers expertly manage and maintain.  Instead of relying on a local server within the company to house all of your internet power and website hosting resources, virtual cloud servers in remote, mirrored data centers provide pertinent features, such as DaaS, that are more reliable and available to you at all times and in all forms of internet/Wi-Fi capable devices.

DaaS is a service especially on high demand because it allows you to always be connected to work data otherwise only accessible through your PC or USB drives and disks. Using Citrix technology, CloudDesktop means having a traveling desktop that goes with you wherever you venture, whether you need to travel for tradeshows or work from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, and most importantly, RapidScale’s cloud software and servers provide compliance security that keeps your information safe from viruses, malware, and rogue employees through its tight monitoring and efficient Tier, Class 1 data centers. Their redundancy makes sure your data has infinite backups that trump the kind of recovery protection you would get from your in-house server.

Convenience and Savings Galore

RapidScale’s prized DaaS product, CloudDesktop, not only frees clients from their desks, it frees them from unnecessary, burdensome costs.  With the scalability feature, you need only pay for what virtual server space you use, avoiding the higher costs of buying and maintaining local hardware for all of your desktop needs. According to cloud computing news source, Bizcloud, “Desktop as a service can reduce hardware Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) by 56% annually and also reduce the Operating Expenditure (OPEX) annually.” CloudDesktop also provides automatic, cost-efficient software program upgrades that save both money and time.

Whether you want to broaden your desktop horizons through information mobility, or simply save plenty of extra money for your business, CloudDesktop is the freeing solution.

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